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The girl was bad, the girl was dangerous..


”if u like someone just tell them!!” yeah sure goodbye

Dangerous Promo Shoot
"i'm kinda new to the phandom. what's phanniemay?"


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA friend lemme learn you a story

Last March I joined the tumblr Phandom for the first time and I wanted to do a nice little event to bring people together.  I’d just recently participated in a theme-a-day art  calendar that my friend had made and it was a really cool opportunity to try new compositions and colors and palettes and stuff!  So I tried to make a calendar that used vague enough themes and prompts that anyone, artist, cosplayer, writer, video editor, craftsman, anything, could make something for all or most of those thirty one days.

I picked May because April was a NaNoWriMo event that would keep a lot of writers busy.  I asked the Phandom for prompts and people turned in submissions, and along with my own ones we constructed a calendar with 31+ prompts for people of all talents.  Phanniemay 13 was a great success and brought a lot of new people into the Phandom that had not yet contributed. 

Now a whole year has passed and I’ve created a new calendar that hopefully will give people as much inspiration as last year’s!


Fifteen years after the near disaster of the Ecto-Ranium comet Amity Park has become a growing technologically advanced metropolis. Fenton Works has become a profitable United Nations between the ghost world and the world of the living. Maddie and Jack may be getting older but, they still run things from their humble home as well as going on an occasional tame mission.

But, nowadays they leave most of the hard jobs to their children and their amazing employees. Of course Jazz and Danny aren’t in charge of the business. Danny is far too busy as the half ghost Hero of the world’s ghostly criminals and criminals against ghosts. Jazz spends her time as the negotiations and technology expert between the worlds. But, of course she’s also in charge of planning Sam and Danny’s wedding. Now if only they could agree on a wedding date.

            Speaking of Sam, she’s landed herself the cushy job as executive of environmental protocol. Or rather, it would be cushy if she wasn’t hunting ghosts as well as taking immense pride in her Job. After all it’s hard not to take the environment seriously when you’re Plant Queen of the ghost world. But, she’s become a little concerned with her relationship with Danny as she’s ended up spending more time with tucker lately.

            Tucker, though he’s lost an arm, has become the one of the top inventors of ghost hunting gear with occasional help from Technus who helped him build his new arm to get revenge on the ghost who took his own. He’s become Sam’s confidant for her recent relationship troubles and he’s starting to wonder of Danny really deserves her …

But, when a new threat rises against world the trio must once again join up to save the day! An old friend may even return. But, what drama will this new/old friend bring?

((I hope you all like my new AU. I’ll be doing a fanfiction series when this semester ends in two weeks and I’d love to thank Chicky for her beautiful art Thank you!!! And My tags for this AU will be #DP:TLY and #DP:Fenton Works))


It’s National Annoy Squidward day